The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers

Contemporary Design One Day Course


Duration: 1 Day

Upcoming Dates: 13th September 2019

Location: Covent Garden London

Time: 10.30am - 4pm

Details: All flowers and materials provided. Complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day

On this course, you will be taught how to think, design and create in a contemporary fashion. Perfect for anyone who has dabbled with flowers, and are looking to take their arrangements in a new direction.

Not only will you learn how to incorporate new colours and textures into your arrangements, but a vast range of unexplored materials, foliage and flowers will be available for you to interpret.

This course is a departure from the use of classic style and obvious colours. It will challenge you to think outside your everyday understanding of ‘beautiful flowers’, and approach a design with a fresh and contemporary eye.

On the day, you will create and leave with two pieces, each a wonderful result of your new found flair for contemporary design.

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