The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers

Three Day Taster Course Part Two - Cotswolds


Location: Cotswolds

Duration: 3 days

Time: 10.30am - 4pm 

Details: All flowers and materials provided. Complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day.

If you are looking for an opening into the world of Flower Design then these are the short courses for you. It is suitable for complete beginners and for those who have an artistic flair. The focus is on creativity and understanding the practical mechanics that you need to-create-truly inspiring dynamic work with flowers.

There are two versions of the Three Day Taster. We recommend you complete Part One before Part Two, as they seamlessly succeed each other. Part Two is a course specifically designed for students who enjoyed the pace of Part One, but are keen to move on to the next level. On this course, students progress to a new spectrum of artistic creation and work to different, previously unexplored, briefs.

Part Two
At the end of this course, you will have consolidated all you would have learnt in the previous class and progressed on to tackling new skills. Highlights include understanding the essence of presentation and the all-important use of colour, texture and style in more complex arrangements.
Over these three days, you will cover:

  • Refining the skills needed to-create-hand tied arrangements.
  • A departure from the use of classic style and obvious colours. We will challenge you to think and style with a contemporary eye, utilising and choosing from a selection of materials, foliage and flowers previously unexplored before.
  • How to design to a brief. Be it a vertical structure or a plume of colours, you will experience the requests florists often receive from customers for unusual or a complex arrangements.
  • The basic principles of using wire with flowers. You will-create-dynamic pieces and generally be taught how the simple, yet intricate, use of wiring with a rose, for example, helps the stem work in more ways than just simply in a vase.
  • Making a container for flowers from scratch. We will talk you through our wide variety of vases and demonstrate where and when Oasis is used, how best to boost the aesthetics of your arrangements and where tricks can be deployed. You will eventually-create-your own containers from scratch, an afternoon of creative fun manifested by various props and aids.

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